Zion Episcopal Church, North Branford, CT
Zion Episcopal Church, North Branford, CT

Annual Spring Tag Sale

The annual Spring Tag Sale arose out of a need to help raise funds to send a group of church school children on a Mission Trip to England back in 1984.  It has has been an almost continual event ever since.  We tithe the profits from the sale to a charity chosen by the committee. 

Some of our wonderful cashiers

The 2014 Tag Sale was a wonderful success. 



We earned $2,100 at out annual tag sale in May.  Thanks to all those who processed all the donations that came in and all those who came to shop.  We greeted the community and even said a prayer for one who lost her wallet (she called us to let us know when it was  found.)  We even managed to fill 13 boxes and bags that were brought to Goodwill industries, several boxes of books were donated to the Atwater Library book sale and some gently used items were put away for the Holiday Fair in November.   



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